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08 Mar - 15 Apr 2023

Art collection from Women Artists of Art Houz UK

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”- Frida Kahlo. Yes, in line with Kahlo’s words, the purpose of International Women's Day is to recognise the women who have paved the way for our advancement and those who have fought to elevate the concept of "womanhood" to where it is now. This significant day honours all women worldwide and is a celebration of their outstanding achievements in all walks of life as well as how they are influencing the future.

Art Houz UK has taken a few initiatives to accomplish their set goals. One such is to promote women artist across borders, who have put up their expression of emotions, dreams, spirits on a variety of media across borders. We present the viewer with an eclectic array of artworks in varied mediums ranging from Paintings on Acrylics and Oils, Charcoal, Dry Pastel, Drawings, Pen on paper, and Water colours.